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EXCEED Sports Performance & Fitness

We have teamed up with EXCEED Sports Performance & Fitness to provide a dynamic, hockey-specific off-ice training program.  

EXCEED SPF will coordinate training with your X3 Hockey schedule to provide you with an individualized plan for maximizing your strength, power and speed. 

At the high school level, this is a MUST to maximize on-ice performance for the upcoming season. 


Exceed offers the following special summer pricing to all athletes registered for X3 Hockey clinics:


High School (ages 14-19) Regular Cost X3 Hockey Cost
Two Sessions Per Week $449 $299
Four Sessions Per Week $649 $499
Youth (ages 8-14) Regular Cost X3 Hockey Cost
8 Sessions (one session/week) $159 $112


  • Summer memberships run for 8 weeks (the week of June 26th through the week of September 1st; EXCEED SPF will be closed during 4th of July week)
  • Off-Ice training will take place at EXCEED SPF’s newly built, 7,000 square-foot facility located at 9 Otis Street, Westborough, MA
  • Email EXCEED SPF now to register. Sean Smith will reply with a registration link and additional details.

X3 Hockey's on-ice program, coupled with a hockey-specific off-ice training program will set the stage for your success.

Email EXCEED SPF to register today!